Killarney Lodge in Algonquin Park

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Welcome to nature

At Killarney Lodge, we extend a warm embrace to those who cherish the joys of nature. Amidst towering pine trees and crystal-clear lakes, every moment is a chance to make fond memories with your loved ones.

Whether you’re planning your first visit, or are a seasoned member of the Killarney Lodge family, we invite you to join us as we celebrate the magic of the great outdoors! Read more

The family that works together… travels together!

After six months working together last season, Alex and Char weren’t ready to say goodbye to each other yet. Within weeks of the Lodge closing for the winter, they boarded a plane to Scotland for a family wedding, with Cheryl and Eric in tow. (Eric couldn’t resist the chance to wear a kilt.) The family relished some quality time… even nicer over a wee dram of Scotch.Read more

Our fabulous bakers

Of the many delicious items in our dining room, homemade pies, cakes and dinner rolls are among the most loved. Working tirelessly to create these delectable goodies are Sharon and Rosemary, our extraordinary bakers.

You can taste the love and dedication they put into the cookies in our guest lounge, the sandwich buns in your picnic, and the variety of luscious desserts in our dining room. Read more

Vintage findings

Built in 1935, Killarney Lodge has seen paraphernalia produced over almost nine decades. You never know where some might pop up. We’re thrilled when guests present flea-market and garage-sale finds of vintage artifacts.

Our collection of vintage Killarney artifacts grows each year. We love to see what our guests turn up with. Read more

Fixing up the Big One

There’s never a shortage of work to do on Killarney Lodge’s cabins. Most are more than 30 years old, so wear and tear is inevitable. When the roof on Cabin 18 – one of the biggest on the property – started leaking, it shot to the top of the list. It was clear the plumbing system needed upgrading, a new drainage ditch dug, and upgrades made to the second bathroom, the only cabin with two full bathrooms. Read more

The Mighty Moose

While opening the office one morning last spring, Alexandra was surprised to see a moose standing on the front of the dining room steps! (Did he want a table for breakfast?)

The moose visited several times last year, ambling in the parking lot and between cabins before heading back across the highway into the forest. Read more

Miglin family updates

As the four Miglin ‘children’ are now in their thirties with families of their own, family updates have taken a decidedly more grown-up tone. Annual check-ins have become more routine - but don’t worry, they’re still having fun.

Having inherited their dad’s adventure genes, these adults will always find a way to stay young at heart! Read more

No meat? No problem!

Whether your diet is fully plant-based, or you simply want to consume less meat, be sure to give our new vegetarian items a try! Read more.

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