Killarney Lodge - Stewardship

Responsibility and a wilderness lodge

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  • We recycle, reduce and reuse all we 'can'!
  • Glass, metals, plastics and papers sorted and recycled.
  • We installed high efficiency machines in our laundry facilities.
  • Viable food leftovers are frozen and donated to the food bank.
  • Organic fair trade coffee and sugar now in our dining room.
  • Efficiency updates to all our renovations.
  • Our staff car pool to and from the Lodge.
"All creatures great and small. A truly enchanting experience."
Cabin with canoe on lake

We feel the Lodge property
really belongs to the flora and
fauna of Algonquin Park – we are just
priveleged to use it for 6 months, and then
withdraw with a prayer of gratitude. This is
their home and they are generous enough to
share it with us for part of the year. All of
us working at the Lodge along with our
guests take great comfort in the
quiet yet powerful connection
with this ancient landscape.

"To be one
with nature…
we forget and think
we are all there is."
Red canoes

All of us
at Killarney Lodge
feel blessed to be located
in some of North America’s most
pristine and beautiful wilderness. We
do our utmost to honour this privilege by
being responsible stewards of the land, water
and air surrounding us. We continue finding
ways to make our footprint lighter and
smaller. Our guests join us in keeping
both Lodge and Park secure for
generations of future
visitors to enjoy.

"We've really enjoyed our stay here and appreciate
all that has been done to make this a wonderful place.”
Dining area

The Killarney Lodge grounds are being re-planted with more native species to better blend with our wilderness surroundings.

Our community commitment extends to giving gently used bath and bed linens to Chrysalis, the local women’s shelter.

We donate and support the not-for-profit organizations of Friends of Algonquin Park and the Ontario Canoe Museum.

Killarney Lodge has a highly efficient septic treatment. Zero waste goes to the lake.

"We compost all garden waste, though to avoid attracting wildlife, any food waste goes to community composting"

Lake view
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