Killarney Lodge - Algonquin Park

Wilderness adventures

Algonquin Park offers a myriad choices; casual walks, long hikes, bike riding, canoeing, spectacular views and abundant wildlife yet best of all… a vast wilderness to feel at home in.

  • Visitor Centre. Information, activities and a spectacular view
  • Art Centre. Arts and crafts, activities and gift shop
  • Logging Museum. Experience the challenges of early logging
  • Hiking from casual to ambitious, canoe from paddle to portage
  • Wildlife everywhere. Bring a sharp eye, camera and binoculars!
  • Take one of our packed lunches on your Algonquin adventure.
Canoe in water

Algonquin Park
was established in
1893 to provide a wildlife
sanctuary and protect the headwaters
of five major rivers which flow from the
Park. From ancient times, small family
groups of indigenous peoples roamed
to fish, hunt and pick berries. It was
‘discovered’, first by adventurous
fishermen and loggers then by
Tom Thomson and The Group
of Seven artists.

The first provincial park in Ontario, Algonquin protects natural, cultural, and recreational assets. Biologically diverse with more than 1,000 vascular plant species and more than 200 vertebrates breeding within its boundaries. The Park contains numerous historical and archaeological resources, has inspired more than 40 books, 1,800 scientific papers, a dozen films, a symphony, and the art of the Group of Seven among many others.

“Autumn in Algonquin… heavenly!”
"…a marvellous find, just what we needed,
a hideaway in the Park"
"We hiked three of the many trails in Algonquin, each very different. Beaver dams, waterfalls and awesome vistas of nature in this beautiful place."
"A day in the Park followed by a fine dinner at Killarney Lodge… repeat!"
"Algonquin Park and Killarney Lodge, an unbelievable experience!"
“Our home in the wilds.”