Killarney Lodge - Lodge Pet Policy

“Thank you for being a pet friendly lodge, our dog appreciated it!”

Border Collie

For guests wanting
to explore Algonquin Park
with their dogs, we adopted the
old French tradition of welcoming
canine friends in designated cabins.
Dogs are welcome at our three Shoreline
one-bedroom cabins, our two, two-bedroom
mainland cabins and at Crowe Cottage.
*Book by phone if bringing your dog.
There is a $25 per night charge.

In order to ensure all guests,
dog owners and non-dog owners alike
have a comfortable visit, we have a
few basic guidelines...

Your Dog at Killarney Lodge
We welcome one well-behaved dog per cabin. 
No “barkers” please!

Dogs are restricted to the
section of the property on the
mainland - not the peninsula. All
our “dog welcome” cabins have plenty
of waterfront access ensuring many
hours of safe play and exercise.
Please do not bring your dog
to the beach or beyond
the parking lot.

We ask dog owners to
be as responsible for your
pet at our Algonquin lodge
as you would be at home. Always
scoop up after your dog, we supply
poop bags. Dogs are not allowed on
the furniture, please bring your dog’s
bedding, favourite toys, and sheets
for the furniture. If your dog likes
to swim, please bring towels to
dry your dog, our bath and
beach towels are not
for this purpose.

Algonquin Park regulations
require dogs be on a lead no
longer than 2m (6.5 ft), at all
times and in the owner’s keeping.
Killarney Lodge will not be responsible
for any accident, injury or illness that
may occur involving your dog during
your stay. Guests will be asked to
sign a waiver agreeing to these
conditions at check-in.

“We can’t decide just who had
the best time at this great resort -
the parents, the kids or the
family dog!”