Killarney Lodge - History and Setting

Staying close...

“We feel the Lodge property
really belongs to the flora and
fauna of Algonquin Park – we are just
privileged to use it for 6 months, and then
withdraw with a prayer of gratitude. This is
their home and they are generous enough to
share it with us for part of the year. All of
us working at the Lodge along with our
guests take great comfort in the
quiet yet powerful connection
with this ancient landscape.”
"To be one with nature…
we forget and think
we are all there is."
Cabin with canoe

Ducks in water
  • Built and family owned since 1935
  • Surrounded by wilderness and water - in comfort
  • Hiking trails from casual to ambitious, canoe from paddle to portage
  • Visitor Centre, activities Art Centre and Logging Museum
  • Wolf howls, wildlife, loons on the lake, chipmunks at the door
"Beautiful Park, beautifully kept Lodge and grounds, and oh, the food!."
"All creatures great and small. A truly enchanting experience."
"The peace and quiet we have been longing for.”
Red canoes
“We instantly
loved this place,
our expectations surpassed.
Killarney is country and elegant
at the same time, comfortable, quiet,
wonderfully rustic and romantic. Cosy
log cabins with a porch overlooking the
water, a private canoe to explore the lake.
Amazing and helpful staff, great meals,
creative and interesting, everything
here is made with love. Killarney is
a relaxing getaway from work, the
city and our busy life. The best
memories of vacations in
Canada come from here;
Killarney Lodge is a place for the soul.”
Dining room

Founder Burt Moore
had a lifelong passion for
the outdoors and a dream to
open a ‘guest house.’ Retiring at
55, he and wife Sylvia leased land in
Algonquin Park in 1933 and two years
later the main lodge was finished. Grandma
Moore was the first Killarney Lodge ‘chef’ cooking
on the wood stove. Power and road construction
crews ate here during the week, and Huntsville
families drove out for their Sunday dinner.
Current owner Eric Miglin, also left the
city for Algonquin Park life. He bought
the Lodge in 1984 and the family
continue to run the Lodge in the
tradition of providing a quiet
and comfortable refuge
in Algonquin’s wilderness.

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