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The same as ever… even better! When Killarney Lodge was built 80 years ago, Highway 60 was a gravel road. Guests, mostly fishermen, slept in tents or small log cabins. Meals were sometimes prepared on open fires, the classic wilderness experience. As stewards of Killarney Lodge for more than 30 years, we have stayed true to the original vision as we continue to renovate, update and redecorate, the original log buildings are standing tall. The menu has changed greatly, though the dining room is much as it was 80 years ago. Our favourite compliment from returning guests is “It’s the same as ever… even better!” We’re sure you’ll agree. Read More

Artful view on the beach Group of Seven artist A.J. Casson and his family stayed at Killarney Lodge several times during the 1940s. Not only that, the painter painted from our beach. Poppy did a little online research and found three Casson paintings referring to the Lake of Two Rivers. At least two were painted from our bay. Artists still ask to set up their easels on the beach, while appreciative drivers slow down to take in the view. Little do they know they’re admiring the same scene that caught A.J. Casson’s eye so many years ago Read More

A lodge of their own Running a lodge in Algonquin Park reminds us that ‘ownership’ and ‘boundaries’ are flexible terms. Sometimes, though, we must take a stand. Despite having trees all around the lake to choose from, last autumn a clan of beavers fixated on our lot. After taking small trees, they started on one of our oldest, the birch between Cabins 11 and 15. That’s where we drew the line. National Geographic says beavers are second only to humans in their ability to transform and create their environment. We can vouch for that! Read More

You can take it with you Commercial soups and sauces left our kitchen years ago. Last summer packaged sandwich meats met the same fate. No plastic-wrapped luncheon meats or tinned tuna for our guests. Picnickers will enjoy sandwiches stuffed with roast chicken, prime rib of beef and poached salmon prepared right in our kitchen. We likely made the condiments too. Vegetarians are included: hefty veggie sandwiches on premium bread, with gourmet cheeses or garnished with homemade aioli, ensure an enjoyable alfresco lunch.
Our staff can suggest fabulous lunch spots, such as lookouts on the Booth Rock, Centennial Ridges and Provoking Lake trails. Or paddle to Pog Lake and picnic by the water. Interested? Just order your picnic the night before. Read More

Water for nothing, and snacks for free When Eric took over the Lodge 31 years ago, every Tom, Dick and Harriet could buy gas, boating supplies, snacks and bait at the Lodge. The public as well as guests could rent fishing gear, boats and even a guide. Business was brisk, but it distracted from Eric’s vision of a tranquil retreat. So he shut down the gas tanks, ended the rentals and stocked the Paddle Shop with drinks and snacks for Killarney guests only, on the honour system. Last year we went a step further. Guests can now pick up snacks, bottled water and juices – as well as treats for chipmunks and ducks – free of charge in the Paddle Shop. Help yourself! Read More

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Killarney Lodge

Eric is SO ready. He was accepted to join the world’s longest race: the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Eric will sail three legs of the race in some of the most inhospitable parts of our planet. That's Eric! Read More

Killarney Lodge

Moving apart, staying close. The family news that's fit to print on sisters and brother! Read More

Killarney Lodge

Hear ye! Hear ye! We are pleased to announce the wedding of Samantha Miglin and Jonathan Odebralski at Killarney Lodge. We will be closed July 16-19. We'll be busy! Read More

Killarney Lodge

That’s just nuts! All summer “chippies” entertain us while stuffing their cheeks with nuts. Last year they went through 880kg before we ran out a week before closing. After months of feeding the greedy little charmers, we were willing to let it go – but our guests most definitely were not... Read More

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