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Welcome! Whether it’s your first time or your tenth, welcome to Killarney Lodge. We sit on the worlds’ oldest rock formation, in the oldest protected provincial park in Ontario, but the simple pleasures you enjoy here never get old. A good meal. Ambling in the woods. Quiet conversations by the water. Reading on your cabin deck. Paddling a still lake. Hearing loons call in the dark. A good night’s sleep. Many of us obsess about getting more and better sleep, yet almost every day at Killarney Lodge, we hear “I slept so well”, “I didn’t know I was so tired.” or “There’s something about the Lodge, I feel so relaxed.” Sleeping is easy, just let nature do its job – we’ll take care of the rest. Relax ~ Explore ~ Enjoy! Read More

Extending our family. Daughter Samantha got married at the Lodge on a beautiful July day last summer. Friends, family and staff – many of whom watched Sam grow up – helped make this a joyous occasion. – The wanderlust bug shows no sign of letting Alexandra go. She’s traversing Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama with her best friend, Megan, at last count! – Unbeknownst to many guests, their cheerful and polished waitress last summer may have been Charlotte. This past winter she worked the front desk of a resort hotel on British Columbia’s Whistler Mountain. – Funny, smart and energetic, son Jonathan has been working at various jobs while considering his next move… Read More

“… we laugh,” says Poppy. “A lot.” Some workplaces have rigid roles and boundaries: not ours. The Lodge operates more like a caring extended family. Every person is special, every job is important, sometimes the lines get blurred. A work ethic and sense of independence “is bred in the bones of small-town Ontario,” she adds. “People take pride in their work, and do what needs to be done.” Anita Boldt and Sandra Dombroskie have headed the two housekeeping teams for more than 20 years. Each team is responsible for their own cabins, from daily upkeep to advising on décor. “They care for their cabins as if they were their own,” says Poppy. “They don’t take shortcuts and they don’t stand on ceremony.” Read More

Powerful forces at work We can’t tell you exactly what the weather will be like in July, or when the autumn leaves will peak. We can, however, promise that you can enjoy Algonquin Park in all kinds of weather and that the colours will be spectacular the week before, and the one after, the leaves peak. Some guests ask when they’ll see moose – no guarantees, but we can improve your odds by suggesting when and where they tend to hang out. Occasionally a heavy storm rolls through the Park. Depending on your point of view, it’s exhilarating or merely inconvenient. Candlelight is romantic, and if cellphone or WiFi service is wobbly, give it time – it will be back. It’s easy to forget that Killarney Lodge is in the middle of the wilderness – until nature shows its power. All you need to do is relax; we’ll take care of the details. Read More

Doing our level best It’s a rare 85-year-old that doesn’t list a little, and our octogenarian log cabins are no exception. Luckily, we have an experienced team to set them straight. But that doesn’t mean it’s straightforward. Raising Cabin 9, one of the original cabins, took several days to plan and then another week to carry out. The men carefully set it down on pipes, and, using a truck and a golf cart, rotated the cabin to face the bay instead of the road. Now that it’s level we’re planning to add a wraparound deck, in addition to new bathroom fixtures. If lifting little Cabin 9 was a test, raising the larger duplex Cabin 16/17 was the final exam. While this cabin was jacked up, the men replaced the foundation logs, installed new plumbing and built a new deck and ramp.Read More

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Racing wind and waves. Just a month before the Lodge opened, Eric was near the end of the sixth, longest, and arguably hardest leg of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Read More

Killarney Lodge

A Singular Trend We are seeing more women coming solo to Killarney Lodge from Canada and beyond. Is it our small, but not-too-small size? Our friendly but not overbearing service? We’re happy our guests feel welcome… and safe. Read More

Killarney Lodge

No Car? No Problem! Toronto-Algonquin Park Express bus will take you from Toronto to the Lake of Two Rivers store near the Lodge, you can even arrange to bring your bicycle or dog. For information: Park Bus or call 1-800-928-7101. Let us know you arrived, we’ll pick you up! Read More

Killarney Lodge

Look for our new pyramid planters, strategically placed to catch the sun and satisfy our appetite for fresh herbs. Read More

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