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Killarney Lodge

Hotspot@Killarney A nagging worry, a pressing responsibility needs timely attention. We understand. We created a WiFi hotspot in a simple remodelled cabin, should the need to use laptop or tablet arise. It isn’t fancy and you won’t be stuck there. Rest assured, cabins, dining room and lounge remain unplugged. Read More

Killarney Lodge

Family sets Eric’s sail For Christmas, New Year’s and Charlotte’s birthday, the family gang sailed a 50-foot boat around the British Virgin Islands. Everyone helped set sail, navigate, cook and clean (at last!). Working together in a tropical paradise was a life-changing experience, a truly special time. Read More

Killarney Lodge

Young artist Anika’s drawing of the Lodge was so good that we asked to print it on a placemat. See her original on the table at breakfast or lunch. Read More

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Killarney Lodge – Newsletter

Welcome! They say it takes 10,000 hours’ practice to become proficient at a skill,but we can help you become a relaxation expert in no time at all. We’ve had three decades to hone our skills. Eric’s goal was to create the best, quietest, most relaxing retreat possible. Three decades later, we’re staying the course. Life may be more hectic than ever, but if you’re ready to enjoy some gentle relaxing, we’re here. More

New canoes rock – not! In the old days, guests who wanted to paddle on the lake had to rent or bring a canoe, but by 1985 every cabin was equipped with its own Kevlar canoe. Developed as tire cord by DuPont, Kevlar is a relatively light, strong-as-steel cloth. Though it’s used to make bulletproof vests, it can be damaged. Over time – and rocks, our canoes showed their age. Last summer we replaced them with new 15′ or 17′ Scott Kevlar canoes. A traditional Canadian craft made in a new-world material.With care, they’ll outlast us! Read More

Dressing up dinner Change at dinner-time was clearly afoot when distinctly unfussy white dishes and heavy linen napkins appeared a few years ago. But that was just the beginning. Inevitably,white linen tablecloths and new dinnerware followed, then contemporary white serving dishes. The wine glasses and water goblets clearly couldn’t pass muster, nor the cutlery, so Poppy replaced them. When no one was looking,she added new candleholders. More

What’s new on the menu? We’ve updated our hearty country menu, adding nuance to favourite dishes, using fresh herbs from our expanded garden, blending in spices
- saffron, turmeric, coriander and cumin – from other cultures. We added lobster to our macaroni-and-cheese, Ace Bakery goodies to our bread basket, broadened our cheese selection, diversified our rice repertoire and use more fresh ingredients. New dishes were added, particularly at lunchtime. Tasty favourites include smoked turkey and pear panini, crab cakes, the beef cacciatore bread bowl, Bourbon pulled-pork sandwiches, chicken pot pies – and the hugely popular, hand-made, honest-to-goodness Killarney hamburger.We’re sure you’ll enjoy the new look and flavours! Read More

High on life’s rollercoaster Catch up on Sam, Al, Char & Jonathan’s travels, adventures and endeavours over the last year. Read up on Freddy, our new furry
canine friend. Read More

All the news that fits on this page and more can be read on the 2013 Newsletter pdf

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