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It’s time to get away, nature’s good for you! There’s nothing like time in the woods or being by a lake to untangle your priorities and remember who you are. You don’t have to take our word for it, there’s growing evidence of the effect of nature on your brain, mood and immune system. Try your own field research at Killarney Lodge in Algonquin Park. Let us take care of the meals and the chores; we’re good at it. You’ll come away relaxed and refreshed, We guarantee it! Read More

Relative ease One trend we relate to is the family gathering. Nothing beats coming together in a beautiful setting – while someone else does the work. Grandparents, parents and children, aunts and uncles, enjoy reuniting at Killarney Lodge. Adults spend quality time with their children and grandchildren, going for hikes, paddles and naps. Cousins overcome shyness as they play together. At mealtime, the whole family relives the day’s exploits and plans their next outing. Last summer one little six-year-old arrived at breakfast nattily dressed, but without his parents. “My family might join me later,” he confidently announced as we led him to his table. No problem. Read More

Philling up on hand-picked vegetables Fresh herbs are nearby, fresh vegetables aren’t! Luckily we have Phil Deadman. When not serving meals in the Dining Room, Phil is probably picking vegetables at a friend’s farm 200 kilometres south. After the day’s crop is in, he fills his car with sun-ripened beans, tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant and corn – and drives to the Lodge. Within 24 hours, his bounty is on your plate. Read More

Raw talent, fresh ingredients We’ve had expert culinary guidance, but ultimately it’s the talent, integrity, curiosity and passion in the kitchen that brings a menu home. Every few weeks we re-evaluate our menus. What do guests order? Like? Send back? What new recipes have Poppy and the cooks discovered on cooking shows and the Internet? Everyone has an opinion – nothing is sacred. Recipes are tweaked, presentation is scrutinized. Tuna melts, bean salads and Mediterranean plates are history. Crab cakes with aioli, salmon kabobs on rosemary skewers, lobster on croissant and hamburger made from scratch have been big hits. Sometimes old family recipes are best as is the one for cabbage rolls that cook Janice Larochelle inherited from her grandmother. This vegetarian dish has been a guest favourite for years. Her Italian meatballs, made it onto the menu only last summer. Old school? Yes, but Janice was confident. “People will love them, you’ll see.” And they did. Read More

Speaking of trends Last year we welcomed visitors from South America, East Asia and Dubai. Along with British and German guests, we served more Dutch, Swiss and Scandinavian travellers than ever. More new and second-generation Canadians ventured out of the city, using Killarney Lodge as a base for Algonquin adventure. As the world gets smaller, our world gets bigger. We love it. Read More

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This mantel comes with a history Our stone fireplace in the Dining Room was built in 1933 of the worlds oldest rock. Now craftsman Doug Fuller has replaced the mantle with rare yellow birch. The history of this wood and the connection with Killarney Lodge is intriguing Read More

Killarney Lodge

Dr. Samantha Miglin She did it! This spring, after years of exams, late nights, and eye-opening experiences, Samantha graduated from the University of Guelph a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. We are SO proud of her. She also got engaged, Sam and Jon Odebralski are already planning their 2015 wedding – at Killarney Lodge. Read More

Killarney Lodge

Puzzles, a good book, great coffees New jigsaw puzzles, Footsteps of the Group of Seven books and the new Tassimo coffee machine in the Lounge. Read More

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